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Configuration options for updating the os

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The number of machines allowed to reboot simultaneously is configurable via a command line utility: strategy works exactly like it sounds: the machine is rebooted as soon as the update has been installed to the passive partition.

The conventional way to update Retro Pie and install new features is through the setup script.

The setup script can be accessed from the Retro Pie menu in emulationstation.

It can also be accessed from the terminal with Core Packages Each section of the manage packages portion of the setup script have the option to install/update all packages and remove all installed packages.

When selecting a package there is also a help guide with extra information specific to that package: Package Help: The Package Help for each emulator should show you: If you are worried about conflicts during an update you can always just start with the latest fresh sd image which can be downloaded here and just copy all your files back over onto that instead of updating from an older image.

NOTE In OS X El Capitan, both administrative and standard users are allowed to install system software updates via the Mac App Store.

Nix OS ISO images can be downloaded from the Nix OS download page. If you happen to have an optical drive and a spare CD, burning the image to CD and booting from that is probably the easiest option.

Most people will need to prepare a USB stick to boot from.

These instructions assume that you have an existing PXE or i PXE infrastructure and simply want to add the Nix OS installer as another option.

To build the necessary files from a recent version of nixpkgs, you can run: unmodified, or you may need to update the paths to the files to match your server’s directory layout In the future we may begin making these files available as build products from hydra at which point we will update this documentation with instructions on how to obtain them either for placing on a dedicated TFTP server or to boot them directly over the internet.