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The end result is a slimmer, sharper and better looking face.

On camera, a slimmer face appears to be more aesthetically pleasing so you can have more success and more attention.

Then science (and a lot of creative interpretation) went and got involved and now the only thing anyone cares about is a symmetrical mug. It was only a matter of time, then, before someone developed an app that generates images of a more even-faced — and presumably beautiful — you.

And you thought the world had run out of ways to make you hate yourself.

Here’s how the app, called Echoism, works: It takes a picture of you, then splits the image into a left and a right section.

Everyone’s rendered ugly in a similar way, and there’s something sort of beautiful about that.

Perhaps you are someone with a naturally plump face?

If you fall into one of the above categories there’s a chance that you look much better in person than on camera and that’s more than okay!

And tilt your chin up slightly to minimize any casts. You can totally trick the camera into making you appear taller and leaner (what belly pooch? Here's how: Stand up straight and turn slightly to the side so one shoulder is closer to the camera. Seriously, if the lens is below your eye level, then you'll gain an extra chin — not hot. Finally, project your chin out an inch or so more than you normally would. Your smile should appear natural and relaxed, not cheerleader perky.

Once you've hit this position, look toward the lens. As weird as it sounds, practice smiling in the mirror until you get one that you are comfortable and confident with.