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The current method is a "shower door" pixelated filter optionally applied to photos.

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If you have ,000, I have the perfect car for you. These are the only veggies you should buy frozen ...The Vermont-based company is coming out with three flavors of cereal milk ice cream. Here's what you missed at the Game of Thrones concert ... Email [email protected] any feedback or ping me on Twitter. Visit our Extra Mustard Page throughout each day for more offbeat sports stories and the latest Cheerleader of the Week gallery.Just be careful that you don’t fall for the wrong girl, just because she has the brightest smile.​Cambodia has a dark side that you hopefully stay away from. I’m not a saint but this is disturbing, dangerous and disgusting. As a decent man who wants to know how to get a Cambodian girlfriend who doesn’t work in a bar, you have to overcome one major stumbling block. But I have to continue to study Thai.​Cambodia is a relatively small South East Asian country with 15 million inhabitants.The moment you land in Phnom Penh you’ll see the dark side. Shady men with catalogues approach you on every corner. Cambodian girls speak better English than Thai women. Yes, that’s smaller than Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, but that doesn’t mean that there are no beautiful women among these 15 million people.She then made a reputation for herself as a contractor in Edmonton and became fully immersed in the world of customs and deepened her appreciation for everything automotive.

In fact, here's a gallery of embarrassing A-Rod photos.The team also passed out posters (as they do at every public appearance) to the students. Why put needles in your butt when sneakers can give you the same advantage?This upset some parents because the posters feature cheerleaders in their gameday attire and (I guess) a 12-year-old girl seeing a poster of a cheerleader will be emotionally scarred forever. This set of GIFs showing how NBA stars have aged since their rookie year is really well done.Bruderheim native Cheyenne Ruether is the latest recruit to join the third season of Discovery’s Vegas Rat Rods.Ruether got her start as an apprentice at the age of 16 in a Fort Saskatchewan body shop doing collision work.Period correct in every detail Granger manages to bring back the simple life style of that era with confidence and grace.