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I also love the moments feature where you can share things with your existing matches.
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Supercar Dating puts high-performance car owners and car enthusiasts on the fast track to real-life relationships.

Launched in 2014, the millionaire networking site focuses on connecting people who share a love of luxury vehicles.

If you meet a man at the gym, you can see what he really looks like when he’s all sweaty.

If you want to meet a man, try a new restaurant at least once a week. Join a Gym Gyms are places where all body conscious men go to let off some steam.

However, when they’re tired and hungry after work, they dine out at restaurants, and usually at the bar.

(Translation: they’re a better partner to be with). If you don’t have a dog, ask a friend if you can borrow theirs or join them and their furry friend at the park.

More than 90 percent of America's 54.3 million singles have tried online dating, according to Statistic Brain Research Institute.

Owners of supercars can sign up for free to browse through the profiles of car enthusiasts the world over.

In addition to its high-performance features online, the website promotes high-octane events to help daters meet at car shows, beauty pageants, and other classy venues.

Car and boat shows are places where single men are like a flock to a shepherd. Wash Your Car Speaking of cars, most men love their four-wheelers and they like them to appear brand new. Men love technology and are always looking for new phones and exciting gadgets. Golf courses and tennis clubs are places that men go to with their friends.

If you attend a car or boat show, pick up on the finer things in life (um, Ferraris anyone? I’ve spent a significant amount of time at car washes (thanks to always dating men who are car lovers) and I’ve noticed that they were usually filled with men. If you want to meet a tech-friendly type of guy, frequent a Verizon, Sprint, Apple, or AT&T store. If you join one, you can better your game, stay active, and meet new people. Start Reading Reading is a great way to escape your day-to-day troubles.